the new office outlook 2007

At first glance you might think that Microsoft Outlook 2007 doesn't share the new look of the other Office 2007 applications. That is not quite true. Because Outlook's interface is a hybrid one, the shell doesn't have the common look but most of the dialogs have the new results-oriented Ribbon design.

OK, so Outlook 2007 doesn't support newsgroup subscriptions (darn it!). But it does have RSS feed support. You can receive and manage feeds alongside your e-mails and calendar. It's possible to associate a color with a category that you name yourself and apply the color to e-mails and appointments via the context menu or a user-assigned keystroke.

With the new auto e-mail account setup, Outlook will attempt to configure your mail account using information it gleans from your address or Exchange server settings. The junk-mail filters have been improved as well, and if Outlook detects a possible phishing e-mail, it warns you.

And a neat new time zones feature lets you make an appointment for local time in another time zone and have it appear automatically in your calendar on the correct date and time for your time zone. The Calendar has a crisper look and easier navigation. Tasks for the day appear at the foot of the calendar, and you can drag and drop them onto the calendar. Unfinished tasks from one day will be moved to the next automatically.

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