manipulating documents


Do you remember the feeling of satisfaction when you first learnt the ALT-TAB key combination that lets you quickly toggle between the open program windows in your Start bar?

What about the lesser known ALT-SHIFT-TAB key combination that lets you toggle between open windows in the opposite direction to its sibling?

If these functions are new to you, take a moment to savor how such a simple function can minimize the overall effort needed to manage a large number of open programs at once - especially if Windows XP has decided to group open document tabs by the program on your Taskbar.

Microsoft Office programs also have a function similar to the much loved ALT-TAB key combination with one small difference. It lets you toggle between open documents within that program only. Next time you have 2 or 3 documents open in Word and you don't want to toggle between all of the open windows in all of the open programs, try out the CTRL-F6 key combination.

As long as your Microsoft Office program is currently in "focus", the CTRL-F6 key combination will toggle between the currently open document windows within this program. It is important to note however that it will not toggle between Microsoft Office programs. That is, you cannot toggle between 2 Word documents AND 2 Excel spreadsheets.