the new office word 2007

Microsoft Word 2007 is either completely different from earlier versions or essentially the same - depending on how you view it. With the new Ribbon interface and layout galleries, beginners can perform tricks of formatting that used to require expert-level training. For example, Word still tries to guess what you want when you press the Tab key (indent the first line, or the whole paragraph?) and doesn't always guess right. But the new Word Options menu makes it easier to control the app's behavior.

Almost all features are logically and visibly accessible via the Ribbon interface. Some icons lead to new layout galleries where you can choose prebuilt margin layouts, graphically elegant headers and footers, or coordinated font and color "themes." An example of how it works is the Cover Page gallery from the Insert ribbon, as shown here. Other icons lead to old-style tabbed dialogs such as the familiar Find/Replace/Go To dialog. A tiny arrow pointing downward right on many of the grouped-icon panels on the ribbon leads to familiar tabbed dialogs such as Paragraph or Fonts.

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The Cover Page gallery presents a variety of styles. Word's Picture Tools change the picture in the selected cover page, and an option at the foot of the gallery lets you save your own page design to the gallery. Right-click on any item in a gallery to open a Building Block menu to delete and organize existing designs.

Another gallery changes font styles throughout your document as you scroll through the gallery. A "live preview" feature displays the currently selected fonts in the document itself as you scroll through the menu.

At last, the View ribbon gathers the viewing options from the old View and Window menus. (Meanwhile Header and Footer finally escapes from the old View menu and moves to its rightful place on the new Insert ribbon.)


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